Best Camping Bivy Tent and Bivy Sack 2020 – Consumer Reports

If you love camping out in the forest or on the mountain, you would need certain accessories such as the camping Bivy Tent and Bivy Sack. And, as you are here, it is more than likely that you are looking for such camping accessories. It is not difficult, in deed, to find such an item. However, to save up your time and make sure you select the right ones, we have compiled those most popular and best camping bivy tent and bivy sacks for you in this article. They also come with the brief reviews. You can check them out one by one below, and you will find your most favorite one. Even more, some of them are cheap camping tents you can see. Talking about the quality, you can highly trust any of the ones in the list since they are carefully filtered and placed here to review for your suggestions.

10. Reflective Sleeping Bag/Bivy Sack


This emergency zone multilayer bivy sack is made of aluminum PVC on the inside, and is bonded to nylon fibers and nonwoven on the outside, generating a tough and durable sleeping bag. Moreover, it is water resistant with the thin and lightweight survival bivy sack. To be seen from a long distance, it is designed with the orange outer color. Moreover, unlike the normal sleeping bags, this bivy sack reflects and retains body heat without reflecting away heat from the environment.

9. Aqua-Quest


It is the single pole waterproof and breathable lightweight bivy sack. This is exceptionally designed for one person yet is suitable for several seasons. It is colored with orange and made with ESTER PU coated 70D Ripstop Nylon Taffeta. It is hydrostatic resistance with the fast and easy single pole set-up which is made from light aluminum. It is designed with fixed Rear panel mesh for extra circulation and condensation prevention. The outside layer rolls down to base generating a total protection from insects and increased airflow.

8. Snugpak Lonosphere


The Snugpak Lonosphere is a single person tent which is made from 50D polyester and no-see-Um-mesh. The inner tent is made of 190t nylon with the polyester Mesh. Additionally, this flysheet is so light, making from 210t polyester Rip Stop Up. Moreover, it is coated with 5000mm waterproof polyurethane. There is the DAC Featherlite NSL anodized poles with pressfit connectors. Repair kit is included for convenient mobility.

7. Texsport Saguaro Bivy Shelter


The Texsport Saguaro is a bivy tent for two which is made from polyurethane. It is so ideal for backpacking. Additionally, the wall and fly are coated with polyester taffeta and silver coating for UV protection and remain the cool comfort. Moreover, it is a two pole frame system which is convenient to install. The front door is designed with the Arch-style, offering an easy access entering in and getting out of tent. It features mesh roof panel which creates superior ventilation.



Eureka is the lightweight backpacker tent which is made for two persons. It is the full vestibules on each side for stashing the gear out of the way. Additionally, this backpacker tent features double-coated stormshield polyester fly and polyester bathtub floor, offering a brilliant protection against any weather. It has one entire wall of no-see-um mesh, creating well ventilation. Let’s go camping now!!!

5. Woodland


This Woodland camouflage bivy cover is made in the US with the water resistant quality. Additionally, it is a moisture-vapor-permeable material with all heat sealed. Specifically, it features a component of the military modular sleep system with additional patrol cover. The cold weather sleeping bags are fit into the compression stuff sack. Lessen your worries with this premium quality bivy tent.

4. Wenzel Alpine


The Wenzel Alpine tent is made for three persons with the three pole pentadome with removable fly. For easier installation, this tent features the shock-corded fiber glass frame. There is an integrated mud mate with drainage strip in order to keep the tent clean. Additionally, there is a D-style front door which is convenient for getting in and off the tent. For ventilation, there are two mesh windows to stabilize the air circulation and temperature. Plan a camping and call your friends now with this.

3. Eureka! Solitaire


Eureka Solitaire, a tent for a single person, is manufactured to be a yellowish bivy style tent. There are two hoops with a large mesh roof for better ventilation during summer and the coverage fly which could be rolled back or put in place quickly. For easier entry and exit in nice weather, the zippered roof is designed. This exclusive tent comes with the flashlight loop and two other storage pockets. Furthermore, it also features nylon pole sleeves for easy installing and three storm guyouts on the fly.

2. Klondike Tent


Klondike Tent from Wenzel is beautifully designed for eight persons. Having a group out for camping? This one could be the most elegant and comfy tent for you and your friends or family. It is made of weather repellent polyester coated with polyurethane. The inside is separated into two big compartments called as screened area which functions as second sleeping room or sunroom. In addition, there is a full mesh roof option with the double staked power corners for greater and stronger balance.

1. Goretex Bivy Cover


The Goretex Bivy cover and carry sacks includes the military modular sleep system of four pieces. It is made in the US with the premium quality of generating comfort in temperatures ranging from 50°F to 50°F. In the package, there are patrol bag, bivy cover and stuff sack and ICW bag. They are made for weather resistant camouflage with the six or nine strap compression stuff sack. This is ideal for military issue.

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