Best Bicycle Baskets 2022 – Consumer Reports

It is always great to have a basket attached to your bicycle if you like to travel by bike. As such, you can store your shopping bags or personal belongings very easily as you commute. However, there are quite a lot of options out there in the market right now, making it difficult to get the ideal one that offers both great quality and attractive design. Below list will thus introduce ten of the best bicycle baskets you may seek for.

10. Retrospec Bicycles Detachable Steel Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket with Handles


This Detachable Steel Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket with Handles from Retrospec Bicycles is indeed one of the best baskets you should get for your bike. It comes with pre-installed accessories and tools, meaning that you can install it on your bike very easily. More importantly, it has a mesh bottom part which is ideal for storing small or loose objects. If you are looking for a great assistant to help you carry your stuffs when travelling on bicycle, then this basket shall be a great option to go for.

9. Retrospec Bicycles Cane Woven Oval “Dream Catcher” Basket


Another great basket from Retrospec Bicycles is the Cane Woven Oval “Dream Catcher”. This basket is built with highly authentic leather straps and brass buckles which provide great flexibility and durability. The overall design of this basket is inspired by the Nantucket LIghtship basket shape from many centuries ago. With only 15 pounds in weight, this so-called “Dream Catcher” basket is perfect for everyday use on any standard bike. Even more amazing, this is available at a low cost.

8. Portable Hanging Bicycle Basket


Standing at number eight is this well-built portable hanging bicycle basket from SunLite. The build structure of this basket is made of powder coated steel that provides great durability and flexibility for storing things. Weighted very lightly, this basket can be hooked up to your bike’s handlebar with its lift-off hooks. This portable hanging bicycle basket also comes with a wide range of color options that you can choose from to meet your personal preferences. Regarding the design of this best bicycle basket, it is very simple. However, the item is brilliant to add more style into your bike. It works great with most of the bike designs.

7. Schwinn Quick Release Wire Basket


Another high-quality basket that is worth mentioning is the Schwinn Quick Release Wire Basket. It comes with a removable handle that features an ergonomic structure which is also weather-resistant. Not only it comes with a very durable build quality, this high-quality bicycle basket also helps in making your bike look even more sleek and elegant. Mounted very conveniently to your bike’s handlebar, this basket is a great deal for holding personal belongings all around. This is also great for the fashion of your bike if you love it too.

6. Wald 3133 Q-R Bolt-On Front Handlebar Bike Basket


At number six is the Wald 3133 Q-R Bolt-On Front Handlebar Bike Basket. This basket very well known for its sturdy and flexible quality. It has a very well-balanced build construction that provides both holding capacity and elegant design. Not only you can store your stuffs easily when biking, this basket also adds an extra edge to your bicycle styling as well. As well, as the basket has been made by good quality metal, you can expect this best bicycle basket to last extremely long on your bike.

5. Schwinn Girl’s Bicycle Lighted Basket


Another great product from Schwinn also makes its place in this top-ten list is the Girl’s Bicycle Lighted Basket. This basket has become one of the major favorites amongst female bikers. The overall build quality of this basket is both high-end and very well designed, making it a very attractive basket to have when biking around the town. However, if we compare this to the rest in the list and on the market, this bicycle basket has a nice, cute and unique design. This might be best for girls.

4. Basil Cento Rear Basket, Black


At number four is this popular Basil Cento Rear Basket. Because it is a rear-basket design, the Basil Cento offers quite a large room for storing shopping bags or personal items as you bike around. It comes with a black steel mesh construction that makes it look even more sleek to have on your bike. On the other hand, this basket is also unique because it was constructed and designed to be placed at the back of the bicycle while others are supposed to be in the front.

3. MyGift Multi Purpose Grey Bicycle Basket Carrier


This MyGift Multi Purpose Grey Bicycle Basket Carrier has been very highly rated as one of the best bicycle baskets out there in the market. This basket is popular not only for the fact that it can store quite a large number of items, instead it also comes with a very attractive and unique design that can easily make your bicycle stands out of the crowd. Moreover, you will find this bicycle basket extremely easy to be installed into your bike front.

2. Sunlite Standard Mesh Bottom Light-Off Basket w/ Bracket


Standing second of the list is the Sunlite Standard Mesh Bottom Light-off Basket. With its black mesh bottom structure, this basket is perfectly ideal for storing small items that you want to bring along. It is also built with great features for convenient mounting to the handlebar of your bicycle. For those who are looking for a sleek and durable basket for their bike, this light-off basket from Sunlite should definitely be in the list, and undoubtedly, this Sunlite Standard Basket is one of the best bicycle baskets you could consider.

1. Biria bicycle Basket with Bracket Black


The best bicycle basket in the market right now is this Biria bicycle basket with bracket. This basket comes with a so-called Quick-Release feature that allows the basket to mount on and off your bicycle’s handlebar very easily. It is highly guaranteed that if you attached this basket on the handlebar correctly, it will not easily tip down as it can carry up to 14 pounds of weight. Come with a variety of size options, you can never go wrong with this great bicycle basket from Biria.

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