Best Bathroom Stools, Shower Stools and Toilet Stools 2022 – Consumer Reports

Stools have become an important needs in many homes, and different kinds of stools are also worth having. Normally, the most common ones are the bathroom stools, shower stools and toilet stools. If not one, it would be the others that you will need. However, for this article, all the three stool types have been selected for review for your consideration. All the selected stools in this article are the ones which are rated the highest from the users because that would mean you can trust them more than the others. As well, their prices are greatly reasonable. Not to waste more time, you can check them out below.

10. easyGOpro Modern Toilet Stool


easyGOpro toilet stool is the high-quality polypropylene plastic with porcelain throne for its great durability. Its high capacity can support up to 165 pounds. This US-made product is designed carefully to fit in most bathrooms even the smallest one. It is able to elevate your feet 7.5 inches for convenience sitting position. Using this product, you will be prevented from some symptoms: constipation, IBS, and straining because you can sit comfortably and healthily.

09. Squatty Potty Toilet Stool


This mode of Squatty Potty is the original product of USA. Made of heavy-duty Polyurethane plastic, it is very durable and can bear with heavy loads. Though it is white plastic, it easy to clean to prevent strain no matter how long you use it. Moreover, this product can facilitate the squat posture for your convenience. With wide stance platform, you can place around the base of your toilet to avoid using it as a stepping tool. This medical material is very helpful to maintain your hip and waist healthy condition.

08. Squatty Potty Ecco Toilet Stool


Squatty Potty Ecco toilet stool measures 9 inches high, providing you comfortable sitting position experience. The sturdy plastic construction makes the product durable. In addition, this product is easy to clean to preserve high sanitary. It also comes with non-slip surface for your safety. Its capacity is able to reduce constipation, and heal hemorrhoids effectively. Finally, it is recommended by many doctors for your better health.

07. Duro-Med Shower Stool


Duro-Med stool is designed with compact size for using in small bathtub, shower stall or boats. This versatile product comes with the adjustable height which can be increased from 15 to 20 inches. The legs are sturdy aluminum construction that ensures rust resistance. The rubber tips are added as well to prevent sliding on the slippery surface. It is able to support the maximum weight of 250 pounds with ease. Finally, the 12.5-inch diameter is big enough for individual comfortable seat.

06. DMI Shower Bench Stool by HealthSmart


Shower stool by HealthSmart is the suitable product for individuals who cannot stay long and need support in bathroom. Constructed with durable aluminum legs, it can support up to 325 pounds. Plus, rubber tips are added with every leg for high safety and stability. The height of legs can be adjusted in 1 inch increment from 14 to 21 inches for your convenience. The seat is made of plastic, built with drainage holes. Importantly, this seat includes BactiX antimicrobial protection to prevent germ and mold.

05.Shower Stool by Vive


Vive shower stool is designed in round seat with compact size. The adjustable legs are sturdy to ensure your balance and safety, though you are on dirty, wet and uneven floor. The seat is built with drainage holes preventing water collection. In addition, it is lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you for your travelling easily. Finally, this product is backed with lifetime guarantee.

04. Shower Stool by HealthSmart


Shower Stool by HealthSmart comes with the top-grade aluminum legs which is able to make sure that you are sitting on the durable, sturdy and safe product. The materials can ensure rust resistance. The height can be changed from 15.5 to 20 inches with ease. Importantly, this stool is included with BactiX antimicrobial medical features for germ, mold, and bad odor free. This product can be assembles easily without any tools needed.

03. Oasis Bathroom Seat Stool from Decoteak


Decoteak stool comes with the dimension of 16-inch radius and 18-inch height to fit with almost all of sizes of the bathroom. This hard teak product comes with brown color and particularly it is naturally waterproof. Additionally, foot leveling pads are included for your convenience. Last but not least, this versatile chair can be used for sitting, storing and keeping your foot rest.

02. Ez2care Shower Stool


Ez2care Shower Stool comes with non-slip and easy-to-clean surface which is designed with drainage holes. Seat platform measures 14 inches in diameter that is large enough for comfortable sitting. The sturdy aluminum legs are rustproof though it is used with water every day; moreover, its height is adjustable for your convenience. Its capacity load is up to 250 pounds.

01.Drive Medical Bath Stool


Drive Medical Bath Stool is designed elegantly with the blue seat and white legs and rubber tips. The padded seat is water repellent; furthermore, it is rotatable in 360 degrees but it is locked once in 90 degrees to prevent twisting. To ensure high sanitary, the seat is removable to be easy to clean. In addition, leg height is able to be adjusted depended on your need. Finally, the removable tray is included for easy putting your personal stuff.

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