Best Bathroom Rugs and Mats 2022 – Consumer Reports

To make your bathroom complete, you will need the best bathroom rugs or mats to help clean and dry your feet before and after leaving the bathroom. To what is on the market, there are so many brands and designs of the product. The good quality ones are soft, durable and great in design. To filter and bring those best bathroom rugs to you, we compile these reviews for you to check out. They are also great for your bathroom decor. And, either for the quality or the price, you are going to like these top best bathroom rugs and mats so well.

10. VDOMUS bath mats


VDOMUS bath mat comes with the large size of 40 cm by 60 cm, so you can wipe your foot easily. This memory foam product has high capacity to absorb the water fast and easily. The slip bottom is designed carefully to fit the ground well. Moreover, its high quality can maintain the shape after stepping on it. The soft coral velvet fabric construction can pleased your foot and it will relieve the foot fatigue effectively. Designed with gray color, it is very suitable for any kind of bathroom decoration.

09. JustNile Bathroom Floor Mat/Shower Rug


The JustNile bathroom mat is created of microfiber which is soft for your foot. Furthermore, this product can bear with water to ensure the durability though it is wet most of the times. Its dimension is 16-inch width and 24-inch length which is large enough to put in your bathroom or at the bathroom door. The back is constructed with non-slip material to ensure your safety in the most-time wet place like bathroom. It can absorb the water in short time and it also becomes dry quickly. It comes with the varieties of colors for your modern bathroom.

08. Fantastic Job Bath Mat Bathroom


Fantastic Job mat is designed with diverse vibrant color to provide stunning look. Made of Chenille and Superfine fiber, this product is able to offer the soft and snug feeling to your feet. Moreover, its shaggy surface works very well to clean your feet and it will absorb the water easily. No matter how long it stays wet, it still can dry fast and is long-lasting. Besides, it features the wash Mildew resistance for convenient use.

07. Bath Mat by GreenGod


Bath mat of GreenGod is the memory foam product to absorb the water effectively. With the size of 16 by 24 inches, this rectangle mat is machine-made product with high technology. Created of polyester microfiber, it is able to clean your foot with soft and warm feeling. Furthermore, it can be used in cold water with Care Instruction Machine function. Designed with grey color, the mat is elegant for usage in modern bathroom.

06. TowelSelections Blossom Collection Soft Towels


This mode of TowelSelections is kind of Melsimo blossom collection towel that is soft and comfortable for your foot. It is absorbent and dry fast to ensure prevent being wet in long time in front of your bathroom. The material construction is 100% Turkish cotton, so it is washable with machine without ruining its shape or quality. Plus, with the size of 20-inch width and 34-inch length, it comes with the assortment of colors for your preference.

05. Chesapeake Pebbles Bath Rug Set


Chesapeake product is built of 100% cotton which is suitable for washing machine. Back side is made of Anti-Skid Spraylatex to prevent slip and fit the ground properly.
It is durable, easy to take care and effectively absorbent. Importantly, it is dry very fast though it stays wet for long time. Because of its softness, you will enjoy
spa feeling in your bathroom. This set comes with two pieces including 21 by 34 inches and 24 by 40 inches which are convenient for you to use alternatively. Last but not least, it is available in 4 blends of color for your choice.

04. TruSoft Luxurious Bath Rug By STAINMASTER


TruSoft of STAINMASTER is the plush mat to ensure the softness and clean of touching. The back is built of rubber which can prevent the rug from sliding and slipping. In addition, it can absorb water and dries fast for your convenience in spite of frequent use. Its little fur is able to clean your foot effectively. Besides, it is designed with the size of 17 by 24 inches which is the common suitable size of every bathroom door.

03. Townhouse Rugs Luxurious Bath Rug


This mode of Townhouse Rugs is the machine-made product with the high-quality memory foam materials. The microfiber memory foam is the special material to provide you soft clean mat for your tidy and hygiene foot. It should be used with machine wash cold and tumble dry low to maintain its high performance. With 1 inch thickness and polyurethane backing, it works well on the ground to avoid any sliding. Additionally, it is the great absorbent product for your clean bathroom.

02. Utopia Luxury Bath Mat

best bathroom rugs

Utopia bath mat is designed with two packs and it comes with the very affordable price. The 100% ring-spun cotton construction ensures the maximum absorbency. Because of its premium materials, it is washable and dryable with machine without damaging its original shape. Plus, the edge is stitched double for great durability. It measures 21 by 34 inches and weighs 6.7 ounces to fit your bathroom elegantly and ensure the convenient mobility.

01. Extra Long Vinyl Bath Mat by Slip-X Solutions


This allergen-free vinyl product of Slip-X Solutions is the latest technology product to prevent slipping despite of water or being wet on the surface. Importantly, it is designed to use with any non-textured tub surfaces to provide the comfortable feeling to your foot. Besides, it is washable with machine without affecting to its quality. The size of 39-inch length and 16-inch width is perfect to provide the convenience for cleaning your underfoot.

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