Best Basketball Knee Sleeve and Pad 2020 – Consumer Reports

If you enjoy playing basketball a lot, you would know how important it is to protect your knees since you could fall down at any time during the run. Thus, it is knees which might impact a lot to the ground. However, to take care of your knees well during the match is not a big problem at all. With just the best pair of the basketball  knee sleeve and pad, it solves, and you can play your match safely without a worry.  And, for your suggestion, our team has brought to you the top 10 best basketball knee sleeve and pad reviews down here for you to check out and consider.

10. OnePlus Padded Knee Sleeve Protective Compression Wear


This product of OnePlus is built with fabric pad which is suitable for basketball players and athletes. Furthermore, it can ensure that your muscle move properly and the blood also circulate smoothly. Plus, it is designed with flat lock stitching technology to make sure that chafing and skin irritation is reduced for flexible motion. Importantly, it is easy to clean and all made materials are anti-odor and anti-itchy. The moisture wicking is able to preserve comfortable condition with super dryness.

09. Leg& knee Pad by meidus mei


meidus mei knee pad is designed in hexagonal honeycomb shape which provide the maximum protection and stability to your leg and knee. This unique design ensures the flexibility of your muscle. In addition, the compression pad matches almost all the legs well. It ensures slip resistance, though your legs are wet. Made of premium fabric, it is breathable, elastic and durable. Finally, its quantity sold is only 1 PCS not a pair with the acceptable price.



COOLOMG Pad is the protective product designed with long sleeve and cushion pods. The main material is heavy-duty polyester fabric. It is soft, and stretchable for high comfort. Using this pad, you stop worrying that your mobility will be limited because its ergonomic shape is ideal for flexible muscle, and knee motion. Finally, it comes with various sizes and colors for your preference.

7. Sleeve Knee Pads by VIPER Performance Labs


This mode of VIPER is constructed with HyperFlex technology. Pad pods are added to provide the extra protection on your knee. Also, the inner silicone strip makes you feel soft and comfortable. With compression sleeve, it is anti-slip even frequent moving or sweating. Besides, the TrueCore Wicking comes with dual layers to maintain warmth and dryness. The premium material construction can prevent getting itchy and bad odor. Finally, this product is backed with 100% lifetime warranty.

06. Meco knee sleeve pad


Meco pad is designed internally with slip-resistant silicone. Though you sweat heavily while playing sport, this product still fits your knee like glue and stay in place stably. Protection is the main function of this product, that’s why the main parts come with high-quality cushion pods to protect your knee from impact. Finally, there are three sizes available: M, L, and XL.

05. AGPtEK Strengthen Kneepad


AGPtEK kneepad is the polyester fabric construction that is durable and elastic. Being elastic is very important, because your muscle mobility and leg movement will not be affected. Plus, the honeycomb design perfectly protects your leg and especially knee from serious injury caused by crashing or rubbing. Because the inner is slip-resistant, it can stay in place stably without falling off. Importantly, this pad is breathable which make you feel more comfortable. Last but not least, it is sold in 1PC only not as a pair, but there are varieties of colors and sizes for your need.

04. WOD Nation Knee Sleeve


WOD Nation knee sleeve pad is the unisex and versatile product. The construction is SBR latex-free neoprene with 5mm thickness, so it provides strong protection and leg support without reducing the circulation. Moreover, the compression element ensures the smooth blood flow. Importantly, its high capacity is to reduce knee pain during and after sport playing. The pad is able to stay tight on your legs even frequent mobility.

03. CompressionZ Padded Knee Sleeves


This mode of CompressionZ comes with flat lock stitching feature that ensure the flexibility of moving without chafing. Furthermore, its special design can facilitate blood circulation and make your muscle recovered fast. For hygiene, you can clean easily and dry fast. Plus, 4-way stretch technology, it will matches any type of leg well and it is able to maintain its original shape after being washed many times. Four colors are available for your need: navy, nude, white, and black.

02. Knee sleeve pad by Crescendo Athletics


This product of Crescendo Athletics is designed by heavy-duty neoprene with 4mm thickness for durability and stability. This versatile pad can protect your knees in various sports playing especially basketball. The shape is designed anatomically to fit any type of leg and knee by providing the maximum protection and softness. Additionally, made of latex-free materials, it is certified by CE, FDA, and EC REP for its high and eco-friendly quality.

1. McDavid 6446

Best Basketball Knee Sleeve and Pad

McDavid 6446 is the nylon and spandex construction. It is soft, elastic, and durable which can protect your knee while playing sport effectively. Importantly, it will not cause any inconvenience to your mobility, muscle flexibility and blood flow. Certified by medical expert, it will not leave bad odor, or itch on your skin. Importantly, the hydrvent hDc fabric can prevent moisture from the skin. Finally, this product is sold in pairs for one unit and it comes with the assortment of colors.

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