Best Automatic Gate Opener 2022 – Consumer Reports

To make it easy for the opening and closing of the gate, many people choose to install the automatic gate opener on their gates. It is not difficult all actually to get one of these installed while it helps a lot to make you more convenient. However, you would still need to filter and pick up the best ones. This listing will make find you the best automatic gate opener since 10 of them are selected to review here. They are good one with high rating from the users.

10.Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Single Swing Gates


Very first one to recommend is the gate opener from Mighty Mule. Made for the single swing gates, this item is of high quality with long great performance. This automatic gate opener is designed to work great within 12 ft and 300lbs. This fits well to most situations. To let this opener work great, 12 volt battery is needed.

9.Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener Solar Kit


This number 9 product is another design from the same Mighty Mule. Made with bigger capacity than the first one, you would find this Gate Opener to run very well within 16 ft and 550 lbs. Likewise, this EZ gate opener works perfectly with most types of gates you might have installed for your home. A battery is needed, and this gate opener has been backed by 1 year warranty with technical support if needed.

8.USAutomatic Sentry 300 S Commercial Grade Automatic Gate Opener


Operated great still up to 20 ft for the gate, the opener is a bit more expensive than the rest. That is just because it works better, and it could do a lot more work. For one special feature, you can use the remote to control the opening and closing from a distance. 2 remotes have been included in addition to the 3 year warranty to ensure confidence in your purchase order.

7.ALEKO AC1400 Electric Sliding Gate Opener for Sliding Gates


Great for sliding gates, this is ALEKO gate opener which operates electronically. Working well up gates up to 1500 lbs and 50 ft in length, the gate opener works with multiple remote controls while two are included. Also, the gate opener is very smart. When facing the obstruction, it will stop and run back. Also great, two year warranty is made for this item.

6.ALEKO AS1200 Dual Swing Gate Operator, Solar Compatible


This is the solar chargeable gate opener, made for Dual Swing Gate. The item will work awesome for either the residential application or commercial use. Having one of these installed in your gate, you will not have to worry about getting out of your car to open the gate again, it is also made to work with the remote. Additionally, the item is easy to install and use. You may be even doing it by yourself.

5.Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Medium Duty Single Swing Gates


Also worth considering, you may check out this automatic gate opener. Among many designs from the Mighty Mule, this specific gate opener is one of the most popular ones. It works just perfect for the closing and opening of the gate in an automatic way. For the gate with the length of 16 ft and weight of less than 550 lbs, this will run fine without a problem. To ensure users with confidence, 12 month warranty is added.

4.Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Single Swing Gates


If your gate is up to 18 ft long with weight around 850 lbs, the best automatic gate opener that fits most is this Mighty Mule item for single swing gates. Similarly, this design has premium quality you can trust just as other Mighty Mule products in the list. They share the same quality standard from the brand. The only difference is the capacity to hold its weight and length of your gate. Technical support and 18 month warranty are included for this specific model.

3.USAutomatic Sentry 300D Commercial Grade Automatic Gate Opener for Dual Solar Swing Gates


As a product of USA, this is the automatic gate opener which is made for commercial use. This set includes almost all the things you may need for its installation such as the cable, the mounting hardware, and wire nuts. As this product has sold a lot, not many of them are left in stock. You should check it out soon if it interests you.

2.Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Dual Swing Gates


For this moment, there are only three of this gate openers available. You can tell how popular it is. It often runs out of stock quickly. The item is actually very good for the quality, and it is compatible with various kinds of gates. As well, the gate opener is said to be 30% energy efficiency than most others while it works by the solar panel. 1.5 year warranty is included, additionally.

1.ALEKO AS1200 FULL Solar Powered Gate Opener Operator for Dual Swing Gates


With better capacity than the rest of the list, this is the ALEKO AS1200. This gate opener can support up to 20 ft long of the gate and 1320 lbs of its weight. If your gate is that big and heavy, this might be a better option than the rest. Its quality is highly recognized at the same time as it gets rated good. The price of this, on the other hand, is extremely affordable.

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