Best and Richest Countries in The World 2022

Some people might never even have heard of Qatar, but the data can not lie, and it is the richest country in the world. To me as well, it is very surprising. Huge powerful countries like the United States and Russia are not necessarily the richest. However, the definition and level of richness of a country here is defined by the economic indicators of the country such as its gross domestic products, not the amount of wealth a nation possesses. Below is the list of those top 10 richest countries in the world with its details you can enjoy.

1. Qatar


Though Qatar is not extremely famous in the international stage, it is a very beautiful country with only about 1.8 millions population. However, statistically, it is the richest country in the world with the source of its wealth from the natural gas under their land. Located in the Western Asia, Qatar is a complete monarch country. It gained the independence from Britain in 1971. And due to its economic status, Qatar is considered as a high income economic country by the World Bank.

2. Luxembourg


Bordered by Belgium, Germany and French, Luxembourg locates in the Western part of Europe. Economically, this country is among the ones with the highest GDP per capita. The main source of income of the wealth they have accumulated is from the sale of iron and steel. This is the country, considered to have the best products of steel and iron. With a little bit over half a million of population, many strategies have been taken to improve the living standard of its people.

3. Singapore


Singapore is known to be a dragon in Asia. There is no question for that. Like the two above, it is a small but very rich country in terms of the economic indicators and its people’s living standard. Noticeably, Singapore located in a favorable geographical area for the water transportation that allows it to be huge port for international transportation routes. That is a big source of the income of their economic. Likewise, Singapore is also an attractive country. They have had millions of tourists each year, going to visit them. That is another source of their wealth.

4. Norway


Norway is of course another amazing country in Europe. As of 2014, it has about 5 millions of population. Though small, Norway is among the oldest countries in Europe. It has existed for over 11oo years already. Norway is really a harmony country with a very well corporation between the government and the citizens. Norway is noticed to have a very highly healthy lifestyle because of its healthy food. This altogether with their outstanding production of the agricultural products like Coffee makes it an extremely rich country.

5. Hong Kong


Like Singapore, Hong Kong is another country in Asia with a high economic status. Recently, Hong Kong has had a dramatic economic development through its transport and tourism sector. Hong Kong is of course a very busy and competitive business environment which makes its very prosperous. Another reason for that to address is their stable political system. It means a lot to its people who are growing the business.

6. Brunei Darussalam


Brunei Darussalam is widely known for ages as a very rich country because of its abundant petroleum and natural gas resources. It has zero public debt, and it is small very few population. That means everyone has got a big chunk of their wealth distribution in the country. That is obviously why it is among the richest countries though with small size and population.

7. United States Of America


The United States is not only among the most powerful but also richest. Its size of its economic is among the biggest, and it could have a big influence on the world economy. Currently, its GDP per capita is around  $ 50 000. It seems that the United States has had many outstanding economic products comparing to the world such as their entertainment and IT products.

8. United Arab Emirates


United Arab Emirates is a story of a zero to hero. The development of the country is almost unbelievable. As of now, it has become one of the finest countries in the world in terms of economic, tourism industry, and the architectural country. All their natural gas and petroleum resources are a big part of the fuel to power this dramatic development. And, consequently, it is one of the richest countries in the world now.

9.  Switzerland


Switzerland is best known world wide for its finest quality of watches. However, its economic in total is very strong. Unlike some of the countries above, Switzerland does not have abundant of natural resources to fuel their economic development. All the factors that have made the great contribution to its economic development so far is its finest quality products and services especially in the banking system services, chocolate productions, and the Army Knives. This has returned them with a big number of money to support their economy for a long time already.

10. Kuwait

Richest CountriesKuwait is another leading country in oil production in Western Asia. The export of this commodity is a major source of income injected to its economy. As well, during the 18th and 19th century, it had a prosperous time for its development because they are the active center of trade and commerce. Its current GDP is around $ 43 000. That is among the highest one though it is the least in this list.


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