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Reviewed Being Updated: 26/12/15

Many people are having problem with getting up in the morning, and they do need a solution. Otherwise, being late to school or work often happens. Very common and simple, a good alarm clock would help. Nonetheless, certain alarm clocks now are so much special than before. It comes with many other very useful functions such as the battery backup as well as the built-in AM and FM radio which you can entertain with too before you sleep.

Good alarm clocks simply wake you up well and right for your work, school or the deadline. As time passes by, good development could be seen, and there is no question it can do a lot more than your phone’s alarm clock. That is why many are still looking for a good alarm clock to help. However, knowing enough information would let you pick one right. And, not to waste a lot of time searching for the best ones of those alarm clocks, our team has carefully picked these three choices for you to consider: Timex Decorative XBBUSonic Alert SBB500ss, and Sony ICFC1PJ. They are super good for quality, designs and functionalities. However, if you instead are looking for a travel alarm clock, you could check this MARATHON CL030035.

Timex Decorative XBBU

1Our first top selection of the best alarm clock for you to see is the Timex Decorative XBBU. At a good price for buyers, the alarm clock has enough of the features to be one of the best selling alarm clocks. Firstly, you will find dual alarm function in this Timex make. The alarm clock can also be set for the set and forget feature. And, for the design, as you witness by the picture, it is quite interesting with the big LED display at 0.9 inch. Also very nice, to get you wake up well, it has the options of loud or soft sound for your choice.

Like many other best alarm clock, the snooze time in the item has been made easily programmable with also the good daylight saving adjustment. Another good feature about this alarm clock is its built-in charging port which you can directly charge your phone from the alarm clock. This Timex Decorative XBBU works great with 100V-240V adapter. This means it works anywhere you are. In case you have to take this on your trip, you are no worries about your new country to stay. Additionally, battery backup is attached and included. That is the maintain all the settings in a case of power cutoff.

To users’ experience, many do like this alarm clock. For a reason, it is the brightness settings. Three settings are available, and it works great in different rooms with different brightness. What that is even better is the 3 settings will never bother the eyes though at its brightest one. The charging USB port is another interesting thing. Many users expressed their like on that since it could charge their phones quick and easy.

What isn’t so Great about this item:

Timex Decorative XBBU has been made very light. That is a great thing for many users. However, some instead reports that it is light and easily dragged away when charging the phone or other devices. Also, button design of this alarm clock is said to be clunky for some users, and sometimes it needs a stronger touch to response.

Sonic Alert SBB500ss

The next pick is Sonic Alert SBB500ss. This is quite amazing in terms of popularity while its construction appearance is as well awesome. Many users do like it. On the other hands, the alarm clock has also been designed 2with tones of useful features to make it an outstanding one. For effectiveness in waking you up, this alarm clock can work to let you hear or shake your bed to let you know it is time to get up. The alarming sound is loud but adjustable, and the vibration is strong. Meanwhile, after holding and learning to use this alarm clock, alert lights are also there.

Additionally, it has the snooze defuser, and this is extremely helpful for a short nap. For the overall design, the alarm clock has an explosive red design in round shape with base at 2.1 pounds for the weight and 7 x 7 x 6 inch for the dimension.  Nonetheless, to the users’ experience instead, this alarm is best known and most reliable for its ability to wake them up right no matter how deep they are into their sleep. It has the loud alarming sound, strong vibrating and the alert lights. it is such a solution for deep sleeper.

What isn’t so great about this item:

As this alarm clock has both functions of alarming and vibrating, it has two cords, and this is an issue for some users. For another case, few users thought the instruction is not so helpful. They rated the product as 5 stars but the instruction is only 3. However, among so many customer reviews and feedback, the worse one is from a user which his alarm clock stopped working after two months.


Sony ICFC1PJ is the other alarm clock which won our selection to review for your information. This Sony ICFC1PJ is a fantastic design, coming with quite interesting features to help you get up right and well. Adjustable viewing angle is a good point for this alarm clock. However, if you have a look at its presentation, this alarm clock has a unique and attractive design in sqube shape. For the alarming sound, this Sony has 5 different soothing sounds to wake you up calmly. Like the earlier suggested alarm clocks, Sony ICFC1pJ has also had the USB port to charge your smartphones or other devices. Many users have said the charging port charge their phone fast and convenient.

3Sleep timer is another helpful function in this alarm clock, and it is made highly programmable. Also, with this alarm clock, you will no need to worry about the time adjustment. It has automatic daylight saving adjustment. However, what that is different is the radio function. Among the three, only this Sony design comes with radio feature. If that is your extra need in an alarm clock you are looking to buy, you had better consider Sony ICFC1PJ instead. It is going to be your better one. Indeed, for this item, it is a product from Sony, and you can tell its overall quality is extremely reliable. The brand implies a lot of trust in the customers. The reality also tells the same story. This alarm clock is among the most popular ones bought only, and it gets rated 4.5 stars.

What isn’t so great about this item:

While many users have agreed that this alarm clock is great for its functions, some think it would be even a greater choice if it is less expensive than what is is being sold at. Another problem is with the calendar button. It is built at the back and not accessible to some users’ experience.

Buying Tips for Alarm Clock Best Buy:

It would be a more informed buy if you have enough of the general information and tips to select the right alarm clocks that response to your need the most. As to give you some ideas of that, we have listed also some guides for you to consider against when selecting it.

  1. Type of alarm clocks: When to find an alarm, you need to know the available types of alarm clocks on the market. Generally, the types are digital alarm clocks, analog alarm clocks, and the atomic alarm clocks.
    • Analog alarm lock is a conventional design. It works just well, but it does not have so many advanced features for the users. Normally, it is the sound and vibration that would wake you up in the set time. If you have no demand for big customization, this will do well too. And, for the power source, battery is the one.
    • Digital alarm clock is the ones that comes with LED or LCD display. It is built in with many features, and you can tell it is more than just an alarm clock. Many of them have had music player, calendar, and radio built in. Some are even more advanced that you can sync with your phone and stream the music from it, accordingly.
    • Atomic alarm clock: This is the last type, and it is considered as the ones with most reliability in telling the time. This type works by the electron vibration which has Cesium as its element.
  2. Power Source: Usually, an alarm clock is either operated through the electrical outlet or battery. Some designs of alarm clocks have both available, and the battery is the backup source of power.
  3. Customization: When it comes to the customization, it is the variety of features. If you need more from an alarm clock than just waking you up, you can look for your favorite ones. Many alarm clocks with tones of features are now available.
  4. Extra Functionalities: Besides telling the time and waking people up, extra functionalities such as radio, music playing, temperature, and calendar could be found in an alarm clock. If you need those, you had better check it out well in the one you intend to buy.
  5. Convenient Use: Different alarm clocks available come in different designs. It implies also its convenience to use and program. So, never forget to take this into consideration when looking for one. If you have to set it often, and it is an easy one, you can be happy all the way.
  6. Accuracy: Accuracy is another matter to carefully check out. Often, the conventional design of alarm clocks may need more of the adjustment because of the daylight saving. However, things are better in digital alarm clocks. Some of them are made to sync well with smartphone. It then automatically adjusts itself to the time from the phone. The accuracy also matters when you set snooze time.

Basic Features to Consider in an alarm clock:

  • Alarm Options: Alarm options are a difference in many alarm clock designs. Some wake you up by the sound, some wake you up by the vibration, and some wake you up by music that is played louder progressively. In some, you can have options among the three. Whichever that makes you feel well and good after waking up, you could employ it as your option.
  • Design and Size: size has something to do with many buying decisions too. Certain alarm clocks come with great design, and as people do not mind about space, they take a bigger one and put it somewhere in their bedroom. Indeed, variety of designs are available online and at the store. you could let your eyes pick one easily.
  • Temperature: current temperature is things to check out every day too for many people before going out. So, if your alarm clock can tell you that too, that is another help for your daily day. And, fortunately, many digital alarm clocks have this as their feature.
  • Radio and Music: Radio and music are the two other very common features in many digital alarm clocks too. If you like to play music some time or like listening to the radio, find the one with AM and FM built in.
  • Battery Back up: If talking about digital alarm clock, it operates by the power source from the electrical outlet. However, many smart designs of alarm clock leaves itself another option which is the battery backup. In case, there is no electricity or you want to take it with somewhere else, it still can work for you.
  • Snooze timer: Of course, very common and useful, it is the snooze timer feature in an alarm clock. When looking for one, it is a good idea to check the accuracy and existing of the feature in your interested alarm clocks.
  • Sync with smartphones: If you like to play your music from the phone and take alarm clock as the speaker, some alarm clocks can do it for you too. And, this feature exists in smart design alarm clocks.
  • Time and Display: Time and display are things to do with its outside design. A variety of them are available. You can really choose the one you like conveniently.

Also Our Top Picks:

12. RCA Digital Alarm Clock with Large 1.4″ Display


Being sold in a very good price, this RCA Digital alarm clock is definitely one of the amazing ones. Also, since it sells a lot and have gotten many good review from the customers, this specific RCA alarm clock with 1.4 inch display has been selected as the best selling product in Amazon. This really add up smart confidence on the product. Additionally, this design is also very awesome with big number indicator to show the time. Importantly, it has a very long life battery you will not need to worry about.

11. Electrohome EAAC601 AM/FM Projection Clock Radio

As well very great, it is the electronhome EAAC601 clock. Built-in with the AM and FM radio, this alarm clock is proven to work great with its high quality. At the same time, there are many settings that are produced in the alarm clock which allows you to use it as a tool to manage your time quite effectively. Moreover, this Electrohome is also made connectable to mp3 player or ipod for your louder music in your room. Sold at such a good price, this becomes even more of the better deal for those who are in need of an alarm clock.

10. Electrohome USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio


Even more special, the Electrohome alarm clock has another one of its version which is compatible to be used as a charging device. In addition to the fact that you can set alarm on this clock as well as listen to the radio, you can also charge your phone from the product and charge it very quickly. It was built very smart with latest technology which allows it to, by itself, detect and correct the time and date. The long battery life is also another interesting feature of this alarm clock.

9. Timex Decorative XBBU Dual Alarm Clock

Also being one of the best selling products in many online stores, this Timex Decorative Alarm Clock is a super quality product with eye-catching design in fashionable way. For the functionality, you can surely use this alarm clock for multiple purposes such as the power source for your phone charging besides setting it to wake you up in the morning. Even smarter, you can set two alarms at the same time for this alarm clock. LED night light has also been attached to the design of this alarm clock. This is just one of the best alarm clocks on the market for the moment.

8. Sony ICFC1 Alarm Clock Radio, White


Branded Sony, yes, of course, this Sony ICFC1 alarm clock with radio is the genuine product from Sony, and you can expect great quality and performance so. However, what that is apparently special about this alarm clock is its design. As you might see in the picture, its overall appearance is in unique, beautiful and stylish white in the square shape. While its bright is made easily adjustable, you will also enjoy your radio time with this alarm clock.

7. ZHPUAT 5.3″ Morning Clock,Low Light Sensor Technology

Made in white with very big numbers to show time, this ZHPUAT is incredibly cheap, but its quality is among the top rated products as proven by its prior users. Also, with the latest technology of automatic adjustment, this alarm clock will work by itself through the light sensor to turn on in case when the surrounding turns black and dark. Likewise, many time and date formats are available for adjustment to the one you really feel comfortable about.

6. HITO Atomic Radio Controlled Projection Alarm Clock

Designed at a bigger size, the HITO Atomic alarm clock is also very recommended for those who want someone to wake them up in the morning. This HITO Atomic Alarm clock has also been produced with radio function for your extra entertainment in your room. As it comes in a bigger size than the normal alarm clock, its display is much obvious to the users, and there are many functions on the display users can customize. Two year warranty is also a part of the package to take care and create more confidence for the users.

5. Number 1 Rated Alarm Clock


Stylishly designed in a compact appearance in back and red, this alarm clock model is indeed a very newly released product on the market. That is why its design and the performance are superior than many other alarm clock. Additionally, great durability is claimed from its provider. If you also need a radio around you, this is also best since radio function is also made up with the product. Moreover, you can simply, effectively, and quickly charge your cellphone from this alarm clock as well. This proves this model of the alarm clock is just extremely useful.

4. Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Beautifully designed in gray and black, the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock is definitely a handsome choice if you need one. Selling in a standard price, its quality is much superior than its pricing. As a result, many of the users have flocked for this alarm clock, and they further satisfy them very well. Regarding to the tune and volume, you will find it super easily adjustable to the kind and level you want. There is not question at all if there is the best alarm clock. It really is.

3. Homedics SS-5010 Clock Radio


Made in very unique and stylish design in a triangle shape, the Homedics clock is an amazing product with multiple functions such as also the radio. In the meantime, 5 buttons are made on its front panel for your easy control and setup of the alarm clock. Regarding the quality and durability of this alarm clock, there seems to be not at all a worry since it has been proven to work very well with many of its previous users. For the tunes, many natural ones such as the sound of waterfall and rain forest are inserted.

2. Electrohome Digital AM/FM Clock Radio

At a different design, another model from the Electrohome appears again in the end of our list. However, this model of the Electrohome digital alarm clock has had amazing quality to be one of the best alarm clocks to wake you up in the morning while its extra functions include the AM and FM radio as well as the battery backup. Regarding its dual alarm, it is made easily pre-programmable for your day. Having this in your room, you will never have to worry again about getting up late.

1. iHome iBT28GCAlarm Clock


The last best alarm clock to suggest is the iHome. In a square shape, you could do so much more with this product rather than just an alarm clock. Additionally, it also works best for its music streaming function from your phone or the mp3 player through the Bluetooth feature. However, like a few of the very special alarm clocks, you can also charge your phone from this smart alarm clock with quick charging speed. For many reasons, this iHome Bluetooth alarm clock is brilliantly amazing.

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