Best 14 Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speakers 2022 – Consumer Reports

Listening to music is a kind of fun time for so many people around the world. Particularly, to a large number of music lovers, they even listen to music in the bathroom. As long as it is enjoyable, there is not a problem with it at all. The only problem that may happen is only with your speaker if it is not waterproof. If you often do so in the bathroom too, it is highly recommended that you find a waterproof shower speaker so that you can enjoy your music without a worry. Even special, we are to now bring you the top best Bluetooth Waterproof shower speakers to you with their brief review. This might help you a lot to seek the best waterproof shower speaker to enjoy with.

1.SoundBot SB510 HD Waterproof Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker


The number 1 most sold waterproof speaker which is made for use in shower is the SoundBot. Built perfectly water resistant, the speaker is not only having a great design and great sound  for you best music, it could prevent the water to get into the speaker very well. Consequently, it is very safe to use even in your shower. Interestingly also, the Bluetooth connection is also integrated into the speaker, and it could be the speaker of the music played from your phone easily. This is really a great SoundBot Shower Speaker.

2.Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Waterproof & Dustproof


Also made with Bluetooth and Dustproof feature, this speaker is definitely an awesome choice. Both the design and functionality of this shower speaker are perfect. It could create great sound for you, and it looks stylishly great at the same time. Its overall quality is just amazing. That is why it also comes with a full refund warranty if you are not happy with the product. Additionally, the battery life of this speaker is as well strong and lasting for so long after a full charge.

3.MEMTEQ Waterproof Bluetooth V3.0 Shower Speaker


Coming in a sleek, lovely design, the MEMTEQ speaker is made water resistant with Bluetooth function for use particularly in shower. For a remarkable feature of this speaker, it is the best audio quality it could produce to all your music to be played at their best taste. Perfectly also, it is the Bluetooth connection function of the speaker. This would let you pair, connect, and play your music from other devices easily such as your phone. Moreover, many of the users have agreed that this speaker could last quite long for their use. Great durability it is!

4.VicTsing Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Waterproof Shower Speaker


Built in with silicone case, this VicTsing is ideally water resistant, and it is best to use in shower. It does delivers great audio quality to create great music for your fun enjoyable shower. In terms of design of this waterproof shower speaker, it is very stylish and fashionable. At a reasonable price, many users have considered this the amazing item for them. And, like many of the rest of the wireless shower speakers in the list, the Bluetooth feature is included into the usability of this speaker.

5.Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Best Waterproof Speakers


Rated as a 4.5 star, this incredible Bluetooth Shower Speaker is among the very best and most recommended one. Oftentimes, it ran out of stock very quickly. At a great stylish design, the shower speaker is made highly portable. You can use it in the shower, or you can bring it with you anywhere. Moreover, a few bottoms are made attached to its interior, and they are for your easy control while its battery life is lasting quite long with easy recharge. After ordering this and using it, if you are not happy and satisfied, you can return and seek for your full refund.

6.Bluetooth Shower Speaker – SoundPal Water Resistant Wireless and Hands-free Speaker


In a similar price, you can as well have a consideration on this Bluetooth Shower Speaker called the SoundPal. It has an attractive design, and it has the quality to create premium audio quality for your music. You will have a lot of fun with this speaker. And, importantly, it was made ideally water resistant which you can use it in the shower safely.  Also, from the users’ perspective, this Bluetooth shower speaker is also extremely nice. Otherwise, it would not be rated as a 4.5 star product among over 400 reviews.

7.TaoTronics Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Shower Speaker


The TaoTronics is certainly one of the best and most popular speaker for shower which has been built completely water resistant and with the wireless connection function through Bluetooth. Even special, that Bluetooth technology is the HD Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity which could enable seamless and smooth streaming of your music. As well for its battery, after a full charge, it could play up to 6 hours. This is really a great quality of this speaker. Another reason this TaoTronics is best is its compatibility. It works best with various devices such as Iphone, Ipod, and Samsung.

8.Elivebuy 5 Watt Driver Portable Waterproof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker


The next speaker to review is the Elivebuy 5 Watt Driver Portable Speaker with Bluetooth connection function. From this beautiful and stylish design, two colors are made available for your choice while its quality is highly recognizable. Specially from the best, there is a sucker attached to the speaker for your easy hold of it on the class or wall of your bathroom in case you need it especially during the shower time. Many users have also reviewed the product quite positive, and they simply love many things about this item including its reasonable price to order.

9.Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Water Resistant


Being the best selling shower speaker with Bluetooth, this speaker is extremely good and strongly suggested. If you love its design, there is no questions asked. This is going to deliver great music for your with its waterproof feature, allowing you best to use if safely during your shower. And, then you can enjoy your shower with music without a worry about water leaking into the speak. For its battery life, it will be a 5 to 6 play time after charging. This lasts long, and it is great without having to recharge too often.

10.Blue – Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Mini Speaker


Standing in number 10, this amazing waterproof speaker with high portability worth a lot of trust. It sells a good cheaper price, and still, it has the great quality as a wireless speaker to use in shower. For the compatability, it works best with various phone brand such as Iphone 6, 6 Plus, Samsung galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. You will not have to worry about connecting this speaker to your phone at all. At the same time, the design of this speaker in light blue is also very nice and lovely.

11.IPX7 Bluetooth Shower Speaker


Also coming with a sucker, this IPX7 Bluetooth Shower Speaker is incredibly good for use in the shower. With this, you will enjoy your shower and music even more since the speaker could produce amazing quality audio for you. To prove you and earn your confidence in purchasing this, the product comes with a lifetime warranty as well as the 100% money back warranty in case you are satisfied enough either with the design or quality of the speaker.

12.Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


Groove is indeed a fantastic speaker coming with Bluetooth and waterproof feature. However, that what is more special about this shower speaker is it could be used to answer the phone call with good quality voice while it is surely that you can listen to your playlist and favorite music at least from this speaker. Furthermore, the few built-in buttons will allow you the easiest control over the speaker. A big promotion is being applied to this speaker now, and you could get it cheaper if you order on time. Let’s check it out quick.

13.Waterproof Speaker- Mpow Armor Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Talking about the design, this Mpow has had a unique and special stylish appearance while it is also with the Bluetooth connection and waterproof feature. Lovely and best to use in the shower, the Mpow Armor speaker has ability to produce premium quality audio for you in your music. This item is also one of the best selling waterproof shower speakers in Amazon though its price seems to be higher than the rest. But, what that matters most is its superior quality for the users.

14.Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with 12 Hour Playtime

shower speakers

The last to suggest and recommend is the Omaker M4. For a portable speaker with long battery life up to 12 hours, it is this Omaker M4 that you are looking for. At the same time, from just its presentation and exterior design, you can tell this product is built with great durability with strong case protection while it still looks quite amazing. Additionally, NFC technology has been used to produce this speaker, and it makes its quality even more reliable.

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