Amazing Places to Visit on Earth Ever 2022

Ice Curve, Pink lake, sparkling beach!!! Are you serious? The world is somehow beyond the imagination. Like all these incredible, beautiful, and amazing places on earth, I bet you may never believe they exist, but they do, and the pictures below will prove that. All these hidden stuff are actually a big push of many travelers from around the world to explore. Without seeing them with your own eyes, it is a big miss of life.

1. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States


The foggy air with light shinning down from the above makes this canyon picture look very mysterious beside it very nice shape and color. This is, indeed, the Antelop canyon of the United States. It has been formed millions years ago until what it looks like today. If you like mysterious place on earth, this is absolutely a good choice to visit.

2. Fly Geyser, Nevada

Fly-Geyser, no believe

This Fly Geyeser is so alien. The beautiful rock you are seeing is formed by the mineral coming from the geyeser in a hole which was a well that has been drilled and left uncovered at the area. And, consequently, the nature has made this incident up to be such a nice spot on earth.

3. Socotra, Yemen


Is this a tree or what? They are in such a unique and strange shape of other kinds of common trees ever exist on earth. People call these dragon trees, and it lives in Socotra, Yemen. After seeing, I really feel the world is so mysterious. There are just too many strange things to explore.

4. Lake Hillier, Australia

Lake-Hillier, oz

A pink lake!!! It is another joke. But, the picture can not lie. It is Lake Hillier in Australia. This is said to cause by the algae and bacteria in the lake. However, it does not at all affect human or wild life around the area.

5. Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island

How is it possible that you see stars on the beach like this? It does happen on the Sea of Stars beach on Vaadhoo island of Maldives. This spot light which are amazingly beautiful happens due to the phytoplankton. Walking on such a beach at night is really an incredible experience.

6. Bigar Waterfall, Romania


This is another unique appearance of nature which is a combination of water and greeny plants. In terms of beauty, it is a perfect combination, making it look like a paradise on earth. It is really such a nice place to pay a visit to.

7. Deadvlei, Namibia


This is Deadvlei or Dead Valley in Naibia. You might argue that it is a painting. I don’t disagree with you. It really looks like a painting, but it is not. The red sand, sky, and these leafless trees are real and they just happen to exist together in the same place, making it an amazing spot on earth.

8. Mount Roraima, South America


How come a mountain could look like this? It is. This is Mount Moraima in South America. It is estimated that this mountain might have appeared since two billion years ago. And, its unique vertical cliff has been a world challenge for many mountain climbers.

9. Skaftafell Ice Cave, Iceland


What do Amazing Places on Earth mean? It must be very strange and awesome. And, this Skaftafell Ice Cave is. How? you might have seen a rocky cuve, but this one is made up of ice, totally ice. It is totally unbelievable. How can water fly or flow to forum up a cave before it froze? That is simply that incredible.

10. Tianzi Mountains, China

Amazing Places on Earth


Incredible as the picture shows, Tianzi Mountains is really among the amazing places on earth. The view looks even more magnificent when the could flying around these mountains. It looks really like the paradise in the movie. As well, if you ever have watched Avatar film of James Cameron, you might be familiar to this place. Of course, you are right, it is this Tianzi mountains. These mountains’ height is about 4000 feet above the sea level.

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